New Build

At last!

The long-awaited relocation of The Manor Surgery, currently located on Middle Street in Beeston town centre, has moved a step nearer following the submission of detailed plans to Broxtowe Borough Council which, if approved, will see the Practice relocate to a site close by on Chilwell Road.

The existing GP Surgery has continually delivered excellent services but has outgrown the property following the population growth in and around Beeston, the closure of other surgery facilities in the town and the continuing move from the NHS to provide more clinical services within GP surgery premises.

The new building will be constructed on a site opposite Beeston Parish Church, adjacent to the town centre shopping and leisure facilities and next to the main public transport hub a few metres from the main bus and train stops.


Details & Quotes

The existing Manor Surgery building provides around 445 sq m of floor space – the new surgery will provide 970 sq m which will be purpose built to the most up to date standards for surgery accommodation, capable of delivering a wide range of clinical services to the population of Beeston.  The surgery has been future proofed to allow for the projected growth in patient numbers – currently the surgery has a patient list size of 13,000, which is expected to grow to around 18,000 patients by 2025.

In addition, the new design provides space for a new Pharmacy unit and 265 sq m of additional clinical accommodation which will provide complimentary services alongside the main surgery function, creating new employment opportunities in the centre of the town.

Dr Louis Mok, GP Partner at Manor Surgery said:

“The Partners and staff at Manor Surgery are really excited to see the plans submitted for the new surgery on Chilwell Road.  The location is ideal, prominent, easy to find and accessible by public transport.  We have been keen to ensure the new building is designed to the best possible standards.  The property will benefit from Air Source Heat Pumps and a range of other energy saving facilities which will future proof the property for years to come and reduce our carbon footprint. This development will allow us to provide the best possible clinical care to the ever-growing patients in Beeston within top quality surgical premises.”

Lynne Sharp, Associate Director of Estates at NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG, said:

“We are pleased that plans for the new premises for Manor Surgery are progressing and that the practice will be able to deliver patient care in a modern and fit for purpose building for many years to come.”

If the plans are approved, it is proposed to start construction in mid 2022 with completion of the new much needed community clinical facility delivered by early Summer 2023.

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Outer building plan

The Manor Journey

The current site on Middle Street was opened in 1982 and was built for a list size of 7,500 people.  The site has had two extensions added in the late 90’s and early 2000’s adding a pharmacy, note storage area and offices, with internal remodelling converting old office space into two clinical rooms. 

The reason for moving became apparent in 2016 when the then new Practice Business Manager did an appraisal of local plans and the requirements coming from NHS England via the five year plan.  At that time we had a list size of 10,300 people, but the local plans indicated additional housing being proposed in the Beeston/Chilwell area amounting to almost 2000 new homes.  Some of these are on the doorstep of the existing site, with the old fire station, Myford place, Bartons and the Plessey site all within walking distance.  The Practice boundary extends from the Beeston side of Woodside Road, with the A52 forming the Northern edge and the River Trent the Southern, the western boundary wriggles through Chilwell, starting from the A52 following the B6003 and then Swiney way till it meets the  A6005 crossing to Barton lane till that ends at the River.  This meant the proposed sites around the Boots, Chetwynd barracks and Bardills would also have a large impact on the Practice list size. 

...The Search

The Practice therefore engaged a property developer to work with us in finding a suitable site and this resulted in the approved proposal being submitted to then Nottingham West CCG in late 2018.  This was to build on the now residential Myfords place location.  This unfortunately fell through as a location as the site was more financially viable as housing.

In 2018 the closure of The West Surgery had the biggest impact on the Practice list size, within days the list grew from 10,300 to 11,700, but to make things harder our neighbouring practice in Chilwell applied to close its list to new patients, as they could not cope with the additional demand.  Thus, over the three months it was closed an additional 300 patients registered at The Manor, bringing the total list to almost 13,000 by the end of 2018.  This meant the surgery had to take on an additional GP, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and increase the hours of our Nursing and Admin teams to meet the increased demand.  To meet the expected growth of about 6000 new residents in the Beeston Chilwell area the local GP practices need at least three additional GPs, three nurses and backroom staff.  The present GP practices do not have the space for this growth.

Searching for a new location within ½ a mile of the present site has proven very difficult as land in Beeston is at a premium due to the excellent transport links and shopping.  Sites considered were Plessey near the train station, both sides of Meadow Road (all became residential).  The fire station site (no parking). The College site now earmarked for residential.  An old warehouse on Holly lane, but the owner decided to stay in situ as unable to find a site for his business.  The Methodist church on Queens road, but they sold to another religious organisation.

...The Location

Luckily the opportunity has arisen to move to the site of what presently is Oban House, at the Beeston end of Chilwell road, as the owner is keen to develop a long term investment in the local area for the benefit of the local population and has the same vision as the Surgery of developing a site than can provide for the growing population and bring secondary care services out into the local community from their present locations in major hospitals.  The location is within eyesight of the present surgery, is nearer the transport hub and is far more visible to the local population.

A bird's eye view